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Deployment Christmas Cards

Deployment Christmas Cards

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving full of food, family, friends and lots of love. Mine certainly was with an added bit of hilarity as I tried to get both dogs dressed and posed for our Christmas card photo. Ask me how well that went. As difficult as my little prima donnas were, I knew I had to get creative with our photo since A isn’t here to physically be in it. Deployment Christmas cards are completely new to me, but luckily, I found quite a bit of inspiration online.

Deployment Christmas Cards


Can you handle the cuteness of these deployment Christmas cards? What I like most about all of them is that, despite missing an important family member, they’re still fun! That’s important to me.

I really like the map one (#4), especially since getting a photo of A from where he’s at would be almost impossible, but I also really like the girls in #7. Would it be weird to recreate that photo with B and Ruger? Yes? Fine.

#3 and #5 are probably my favorite joint photos because they blend the signs together as if the family is standing in one spot. You can still tell that the dad is deployed, but they’re the most unified of all the deployment Christmas cards I’ve seen.

Ultimately, I would rather have A here for this season, but these deployment Christmas cards are cute and still very fun, so I’m looking forward to sending out my own version to our family and friends. Have you sent deployment Christmas cards before? Let me see them!

P.S. Big things are happening this week! On Thursday, the December edition of the Military Spouse Link-Up goes live! That’s the same day that the Countdowns and Cupcakes Shop officially opens on Etsy. I really hope you’ll join me for both!

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