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Deployment ABCs: (E)xtra Links

The Deployment ABCs is a 26-week series where I cover every deployment-related topic, from care packages to homecomings to OPSEC. Tips, tricks and maybe a resource or two to help military spouses navigate their way through the craziness that is a deployment.  If there’s a topic you’d like for me to cover or are interested in adding your own thoughts to, send me an email and we’ll chat!

If I’ve learned one thing from blogging about deployment for the past few months, it’s that I couldn’t possibly cover everything myself. There are as many tips, tricks and how-tos as there are military spouses and deployments.  So for this week’s Deployment ABCs, I figured I would turn it over to my fellow military spouses and let them share some (e)xtra deployment-related links!

Deployment explained via memes.

Facing a deployment? Julie is getting you through the first 30 days, one day at a time.

Homecoming is awesome and amazing and hands down the best part of a deployment. But what happens after the hugs end and the banners come down? 7 tips for reintegration via Away We Run.

I’m facing my first holiday season deployment and found both of these articles really helpful. Still celebrating but simplifying traditions may be exactly what gets me through the season. Julie’s tip on making a plan is also going to be key.

Shout out to all the military spouses who are also solo-parenting.

MilitaryOneClick has some tips on preparing for deployment. Hint: a power of attorney is highly suggested.

What do you do when an emergency happens during deployment?

And last, but not least, Julie’s words about the emotional weight of multiple deployments hit me right in the heart.

Please visit as many of these great links as you can because they are fantastic! And if you’d like to leave your link, go here and share it with us!

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