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Big Announcement!

On Monday, I shared a list of deployment goals, but I have a confession about them. I left one goal off. A big goal. The biggest goal of them all.

I want to run for President of the United States.

Just kidding, my biggest deployment goal is not quite as ridiculous, but seems equally huge to me. I love decorating and filling boxes for A while he’s deployed. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to find a way to share my passion for care packages with other people.  And after a lot of brainstorming, work and more than a little self-doubt, I have found the way to do that!

Come December 1, there will be a Countdowns and Cupcakes online store!

Woot woot!

This decision was a long time coming and in the spirit of honesty, it’s one that makes me feel equal parts excited and scared to death. But I will never know if it would work if I don’t give it a try. Thankfully, there are a lot of companies who can help with the setup these days. I know some people use Fastspring (https://fastspring.com/global-payments/) to help them, and whilst I didn’t go this particular route it is still amazing to see just how much the online world has grown!

I’ll sell care package decorations as well as a few other military spouse-related items. I can’t wait to share handmade items that I’m really proud of with fellow military spouses (or families). But the best part is that 10% of every sale will go to a charity that supports military spouses and families!

I have big plans for the store and think the possibility for expansion is big, but my goal is to make my first sale while A is deployed and take it from there.

Do you want to be the first to see the new products? Do you want to get your hands on a super awesome discount code when the store opens? Sign up for the all new Countdowns and Cupcakes e-newsletter and in addition to fun, unique content, you’ll get to hear all the details about the store first!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for December 1!

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