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Anniversary Care Package

Anniversary Care Package

Monday was our two year wedding anniversary and A and I had to celebrate it apart. Bummer, I know. But every deployment cloud has a silver lining and right now, this anniversary care package is mine! I have never sent a small box like this before so I was excited for the challenge of decorating and filling it.


I kept the decoration for this anniversary care package fairly simple because I knew I was sending it along with a much more elaborate box. But I also wanted it to be very personal and obvious that it was for our wedding anniversary.

I found really pretty scrapbook paper that had a faint lace-like pattern on it, which is reminiscent of my wedding dress. I measured and cut paper for the top flap, middle part and then the bottom of the box, using two pieces total.  I wrote a sappy love note on the bottom of the box and added lyrics from our first dance song to the top flap.

But I needed something more! And that’s when it hit me-I still had wedding wands left over from our wedding. Suddenly being a sentimental hoarder was paying off! I took the wand apart and attached the ribbons to the top flap. I think it took my anniversary care package to the next level!

Anniversary Care Package

The contents for this anniversary care package were also fairly simple, but still very personal. I filled the box with some blue package filler to keep things cushioned. There are some snacks and a small card at the bottom. On top, I place a copy of our wedding video with my super easy custom CD cover (it’s literally just a photo cut to size) and then the jingle bells from our bell wands.

Yes the box jingles when you move it. Yes the post office worker mentioned it. Yes A will likely be embarrassed. Yes I’m ok with all of that.

This anniversary care package is definitely simple, but very heartfelt and I think that’s an important lesson. You don’t have to have the flashiest, craziest box to make it mean something to the recipient!

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