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When Your Day Exhausts You

I mentioned last week that I was going to share some tips for recharging when my brain was tired. You see, my day job is so very similar to the work I do with Countdowns and Cupcakes that sometimes it’s hard to focus on the blog when I get home. I’ve spent the entire day focusing on websites, social media, editorial calendars and graphic design. The last thing I want to do is do more of that.

So sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I flat out decide that I won’t work on the blog, at least not right away.

Tips for recharging

Do something else. 

With such a similar day job to my side hustle, I can really get burnt out quickly. Plus, I’m a total introvert and work and blogging involve a lot of sharing myself which can totally exhaust me. So in order to recharge my batteries, I do something that doesn’t involve giving of myself. Hang in there with me, it’s not as cheesy as it sounds. I do something mindless, or as close to it as I can get.

Most of the time, I read. Even if it’s just a couple of chapters, getting absorbed into a book helps clear my head and get refocused.  Other good options are watching TV or chasing the dogs around the backyard.

Do your favorite part. Save the rest for later. 

There are definitely parts of the blogging process that I enjoy more than others so when I’m feeling a little mentally pooped, I do those tasks first. Sometimes the ease/enjoyment of getting those items crossed off my list helps me feel more excited about the less fun ones.

Have a snack and take a nap. 

For realzies, this may be my favorite one. I cannot tell you how often I’ve come home, had a few crackers and then crashed for an hour or so before A gets home. I wake up a completely different person, recharged and ready to focus on whatever I need to get done.

I totally use these tips for things beyond just the blog. While taking a nap at work would probably be frowned upon, I sometimes knock out more enjoyable tasks before the ones I dislike. Or I watch a little bit of TV before tackling the mountain of laundry at home.

How do you recharge?

P.S. Another great way would be to take my reader survey!

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