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What Being a Military Spouse Taught Me About Myself

When I was in my early 20s and playing the dating game, I had one very set in stone deal breaker: no military guys. I just knew that I couldn’t handle the lifestyle, the worrying, the crazy schedules. The idea of sending my loved one away for months at a time was just about unthinkable. But then I met A.

The past four years as a military girlfriend, fiancée and now spouse have taught me a lot about the world, about other people, about my relationship with my husband. But more than anything else, the past four years have taught me quite a bit about myself. And the most important one is this: I can.

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I know it’s short and seems a little incomplete, but it’s so true. Loving someone in the military has taught me to say “I can” whenever something seems impossible. It’s forced me to reevaluate all the things I just knew I couldn’t do because now I have to!

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I can handle the last minute change of plans that the military always throws at us.

I can be patient when waiting for the unknown to reveal itself.

I can drop my husband off at the airport for an extended period of time and still remember how to drive myself home.

I can eagle eye lint from 10 feet away when it’s on a uniform, even more when it’s a dress uniform.

I can learn to hear people address my husband by his rank without giggling uncontrollably because it makes him uncomfortable.

I can survive deployments, long hours alone and handle things on my own, even when they all start to break at once.

What has being a military spouse taught you about yourself?

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