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Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Monday, everyone! Since today is all about the kiddos and the candy, I’ve let B and Ruger take over control of the blog today! Hopefully it’s still standing when I get back tomorrow! 

Hey bloggy peeps! It’s B and Ruger back together. Well technically this is our first blog post together, but you get the idea. Our mom asked us to talk about Halloween and show off our costumes, but we both think that’s a little lame.

But our mom has final say because she’s the grown-up and controls access to our food, so happy Halloweenie everyone! Aren’t our costumes great?!


We were supposed to be a banana (B) and a monkey (Ruger), but Mom took too long got busy and the store was sold out of bananas by the time she went shopping. So a shark and a crab it was! Don’t worry, our faces may say that we hate our costumes, but we just really hate having our picture taken…in our costumes.


We can’t wait to wear our costumes when trick-or-treaters come to the door, although B will likely pretend he can’t walk and just bark from the couch. Ruger is probably going to try and join the kids, even though he’s supposed to stay in the house and isn’t allowed to have candy.

We hope that you all have a great Halloweenie and get lots of candy! Don’t forget to give your four-legged family members some!

Oh. Mom says you cannot do that. Candy would make us sick. Give us a piece of cheese instead.

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