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7 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

7 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

We’re just a few weeks away from a yearly rite of passage for children: the annual sugar crash that comes the day after Halloween. You know what I’m talking about-stomachs hurt, moods are a little on the grumpy side and folks are way over tired from a much delayed bedtime.  I’ve never been much for the candy overload that takes place on Halloween so this year I thought I would give out non-candy Halloween treats, but wasn’t sure how easy it would be to pull off.

Y’all. It’s super easy to pull off!

A quick Google search for a few of my ideas brought tons of results and all very reasonably priced. I was genuinely surprised to see that I could actually spend less than I would on candy! Plus, these would be ok for any child to have, even those (of us) with food allergies.  I’ve added links and prices below to help you get started!

7 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

  1. Halloween erasers/pencils – I love this 720 piece eraser assortment for less than $15. Odds are you’d have enough for multiple years of trick or treating.
  2. Halloween jewelry – you know those plastic spider rings you find and then can’t remember where you got them? Well I found them! You can get 144 plain black plastic ones, multi-colored ones or even glow in the dark ones all for less than $6 per bag.
  3. Halloween stickers – these smile face monsters are so stinking cute that I want some! Now this requires a little bit of work because you’d have to cut them into individual pieces, but when you’re only spending $2.50 on 100 stickers, that doesn’t seem so bad.
  4. Halloween trinkets – these Halloween prickly balls are a little more expensive than earlier options ($8 for 36), but depending on how many you need, they could be really fun!
  5. Halloween activity pads – 12 booklets for $1 sounds pretty good to me, especially when they will be entertaining for a tad longer than a bag of M&M’s.
  6. Mini Play-Doh – this is the most expensive option I’ve shared so far, but you can find fairly good deals on bulk orders (check here for a pack of 24 for $20). This may not be as popular with older kids, but the little ones would love it!
  7. Mini race cars – Another fun option that isn’t necessarily Halloween-themed, but still comes in monster-colors, I really like these mini cars ($10 for 12).

You could very easily do a mix of multiple non-candy items and let trick-or-treaters choose! You may be able to find similar items in local stores, but in terms of bulk purchases, I think online shopping is the way to go. Just make sure you factor in enough time for shipping!

Would you give out non-candy Halloween treats this year? If so, which is your favorite suggestion?

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