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House Update: Vintage Details

As many of you will already know by now, we have recently moved into the home of our dreams. After spending a large amount of time in our old home, and creating memories that will live with us forever, we finally thought that the time was right to start a new chapter, and in order to do so, it meant moving house. Because we hadn’t done this in quite a while, we decided that we wanted to find someone as good as these Realtor Montreal professionals to help us throughout the process, so it was a good job that we took the time to read their reviews as it wasn’t long until we found the ideal person for the job.

Of course, this is where the hard work began. We looked at a number of different houses that we thought weren’t quite right for what we were looking for. At one point, we actually thought of purchasing a prefab house, and we even toured Musterhaus centers to look at various model houses. But then we came across the new build that I am telling you this story from. And let me just tell you, it was the best decision we have ever made, and we’re so grateful to everyone who helped us to get to this stage.

One of the benefits of purchasing new construction is that everything is a blank slate; the sky is the limit in terms of putting your own touch on things. That being said, one of the downsides to purchasing new construction is that everything is a blank slate! It’s hard to know where to begin in making things feel like home.

The main focus was the guest room, but we’ve also accomplished a few smaller projects this month! We hung art throughout the house, mostly pieces we already owned and then a few of my photos. We’re working on a sports gallery wall in the upstairs loft area which will look so cool when we’re finished!

We’ve gone with a rustic look for a lot of our pieces so far and I want to keep with that theme. I like adding vintage details to spaces that didn’t have them already. I found these beauties at an antique fair over the weekend and can’t wait to hang them in our entryway.


They’re a seemingly small touch that I think will add a lot of character to a pretty blank slate. I’ve also been collecting vintage door knobs for a few projects throughout the house and can’t wait to share them with you!

While new construction often gets dinged for lacking character, I think our plans will give the space a lot of character that is uniquely us.

How do you add character to your home?

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