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Ruger’s First Blog Post

In the truest example of sibling rivalry ever: Ruger saw B’s blog post last week and straight up insisted that he get one of his own. I reluctantly let him write something up and was actually pleasantly surprised. Without further ado, I present Ruger’s first blog post.  

Greetings everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. My full name is RGK Smoking Six Shot Ruger, but you can just call me Ruger. Or Rugie. Or Roogie Boogie. Or Ruges. Or Rugerino. I answer to just about anything. I know my people think that I’m a little bit goofy, but you know what they say, still waters run deep.  I actually have a lot to say and I’m really glad I finally have an outlet to share my thoughts with you all.

I recognize what a valuable platform the Internet is so I’d like to use my first blog post to talk about something I’m very passionate about: the proliferation of nuclear weapons in other countries.

Just kidding.

I don’t know anything about that. I really just wanted to impress my mom because she thinks I’m a little bit of an airhead. She’s totally right sometimes. I mean let’s be real here: I should be able to pee without hitting my legs by now. But yet I can’t! But even still, I can be really smart sometimes!

So far, I love living with my mom, A and B.  There are comfy sofas to lay on and lots of toys to play with. They even bought a little mini lake for us to play in! Plus, if I wait until mom is too tired to fight me, I can totally sleep on the bed at night. Tee hee.

I even like having a little big brother. He’s a lot of fun to chase around! But I’ve learned that I have to be careful otherwise I step on him and everyone gets mad at me. We fight over mom’s lap sometimes, but I don’t see why we can’t both sit on her? I mean there’s plenty of room! I usually let B sit with her and I go over to sit with A because he gets lonely.

But the other night I had to sit with mom because I didn’t feel good. I coughed almost all night long and barely got any sleep! My mom was very worried and took me to the doctor. I liked him! He gave me a cookie and told my mom about some magic cheese that makes me feel a lot better.  So I feel much better this week!

Alright. I have to go steal B’s toy just because I can. Bye, guys!

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