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My New Talent

Hey y’all. It’s B-Dog here. I’m so pumped it’s Friday – it’s been a rough week in our house. My big little brother was sick a few nights ago and I barely got any sleep at all. Let me tell you, it’s hard to be myself on only 10 hours of sleep. I mean seriously. How’s a Wigglebutt supposed to deal with that?

Luckily, Roogie feels better now and so we’ll do lots of sleeping this weekend. But honestly, I would be ok if we skipped a little sleeping and did some swimming instead. That’s right. I swim now. I’m like the Michael Phelps of the dog world. At least I would be if Michael Phelps could swim in open water, fight waves and bring back a bumper all while being this cute.

Bring it, swimboy. Bring it.


I didn’t really know how much I’d love swimming until I did it accidentally one day. My competitive streak got the better of me and before I knew it my legs couldn’t reach the bottom anymore! Talk about a surprise. Mom was pretty sure I was going to drown. Honestly, I was a little iffy about it myself. But now: I’m a legit pro.

Even though an afternoon at the lake makes me so sleepy, it’s my new favorite thing to do. As soon as Mom gets the bumpers out, I bark and bark and bark until I get to chase them.

I like it when A throws out the bumper REALLY far because then I get to show off for people.  And boy do they laugh when I beat Roogie to it. They even tease him about getting beat by someone with little legs. Although I don’t know why they think I have little legs. I’m just as big as Roogie. Silly people.

Maybe I can convince Mom to take me to the lake today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after. I’m very persuasive.

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