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Guest Room Reveal

Happy Friday! I am so excited to share this post with you today because it means that a room in our house is finally finished! I’d like to think I would still be sharing it even if A’s parents weren’t coming this weekend, but odds are that isn’t true. Sometimes you just a need a little push to get started, right?

And boy am I glad we got that push! After a little blood, sweat, tears and one really iffy light installation, A and I finally put the finishing touches on our guest room and we love it! A good guest room can be a valuable area to have in a home, allowing you to be the best hosts possible for any visitors you may have. When it comes to sleeping arrangements for a guest room, one option you may want to consider is a sleeper sofa bed, which can act as both a sofa and a bed for whatever purpose you require. With this in mind, you may want to check out something like mentalitch.com if you are intrigued by the idea of placing a sofa sleeper in your home, whether for your guest room or for other purposes.

I shared some inspiration last week, but as a recap: we really wanted to keep things light and neutral. The room isn’t huge and with the dark floors, I felt like adding too many rich colors would make it feel even smaller. Plus, I wanted a contrast between the furnishings and the floors to make both stand out really well.

With that in mind, I chose a lighter bed frame and bedding. The metallic touches in the bed frame gave it just enough detail to keep it interesting without being over the top. I liked the distressed style as it kept with the feel of the rest of our first floor so far. The duvet cover is a very soft linen material and I absolutely love the color. It will go with anything, giving me the flexibility to change my accent color whenever I want.

Guest room sneak peek

I did add some pops of blue into the room to break up the neutrals and really like how the different shades all worked together. My favorite may be the blue and white striped curtains which are almost identical to the ones in our dining room. I know, I know. But I love them!

Guest Room Reveal55

At the last minute, we chose to switch out our builder grade light fixture for something a little more stylish. The new light wasn’t necessarily the easiest to install while standing on a mattress, but the end result was totally worth it.

Guest Room Reveal76

The next pop of color comes on the wall opposite the bed in the form of the most amazing navy blue dresser. I found it in a local antique store and just had to have it. It was our splurge item in the room, but I adore it. Now that it’s in the room, I’m not 100% sure it will live there forever and I may already have an idea of where else it should go in the house. But it’s safe to say I won’t part with it.

Guest Room Reveal30

I added a few knick knacks to the top of the dresser, keeping our color scheme in mind. The room desperately need a pop of green so I found some gorgeous artificial plants online which I quickly purchased and added to the room. I think it looks great! I repurposed one of A’s favorite beer containers into a makeshift vase and absolutely love it. We finished out the wall with some of my travel photographs in distressed white frames.

Guest Room Reveal24

Even though the bed had a really gorgeous headboard, I felt like it was really important to add something interesting on the wall, but I knew I didn’t want it to be another picture frame. When I found this vintage frame at the same antique store as the dresser, I realized I had just the item. The detail on the frame echoes the detail in the dresser and carries the distressed look onto the wall. I added a twig wreath for now, but may mix this up with seasonal items throughout the year.

Guest Room Reveal40

Ideally, I would have matching bedside tables, but couldn’t find ones that I liked so I chose two that coordinated. I helped the process along by replacing the pulls with fun rope ones I found at HomeGoods. I added a little personality to each table so guest really know they’re staying in our home. I mean, it’s a wiener dog lamp for heaven’s sake.
Guest Room Reveal 01

Finally, here are a few more of my favorite details in the room. I think fresh flowers instantly make a room more inviting so I always like adding them to guest rooms. The curtain rod is a fun detail that matches the mix of rustic and industrial elements we have elsewhere in the house.
Guest Room Reveal 02

Getting our first room checked off the list as a big step for us and I’m really excited to keep the momentum going with more (albeit smaller) projects throughout the rest of the house. Stay tuned for more!

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