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Hello! Long time no blog, I know. I hate that I’ve neglected my little corner of the Internet lately, but between some (good) changes at work and prepping our guest room for company this weekend, I haven’t had time for a lot of things.  I’m sincerely hoping that September will be a calmer time and I can re-focus on you all!

For today, I wanted to share a few recent favorites to tide you over until tomorrow and Friday when I have some really good stuff planned.  Trust me, you’ll want to come back for those posts.

We’ve tried a few new dinner recipes lately and they’ve been big successes! A could not get over this skillet chicken with creamy cilantro lime sauce. Like he literally could not get over it and told me it was the greatest thing I’d ever made. Which may bode so well for the recipes I’ve created, but does bode well if you’re in search of a new weeknight dinner.

Other recent favorites have been these healthy mini shepherd’s pies and baked chicken chimichangas. We used leftover roasted chicken for the chimichangas and couldn’t have been happier.

I’ve got my eye on these bad boys to replace our current kitchen pendant lights, but just can’t quite pull the trigger. What’s holding me back? I have no idea. What will convince me to get them? Not sure either.

I’m currently reading Lily and the Octopus and even though I know it’s going to make me ugly cry, I just can’t stop.

Speaking of wiener dogs, I am torn about B’s Halloween costume. He’s either going to be a peeled banana or Scrappy Doo. Ruger clearly would have a coordinating costume. Which direction should I go?! Help a ridiculous pet owner out!

And because y’all are so wonderful, here’s another sneak peek of our newly decorated (and soon to be occupied) guest room! Can you even handle the metallic touches on that bed?! #icant

Guest room sneak peek

Make sure to come back tomorrow for my next Deployment ABCs post!

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