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August Life Update

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we finally got internet at our house! After more than a month of waiting, we are connected to the digital world again and let me tell you…we did almost nothing with it this weekend.

I think we’ve just gotten really good at finding things to do that didn’t involve the internet. We’ve gone on date nights, to concerts and baseball games. We’ve spent lots of time in our backyard and at the dog park. We’ve grilled and cooked in our kitchen as often as we possibly can.

Military Spouse Life Update35

Military Spouse LIfe Update89

We’ve watched the Olympics pretty much 24/7 since they started and I still can’t get enough. I am slowly getting A hooked as well. Sunday night for example, we googled the rules of gymnastics scoring.

We’ve done a lot of things. But we also haven’t done a lot of things. Like say unpack or make any progress on our house.  But that will need to change soon as A’s family will be in town the beginning of September for his birthday. Talk about whirlwind decorating and furniture shopping! I’ll share some inspiration (and hopefully progress) later on this month.

What have you been up to lately? Favorite Olympic sport?

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