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Living Room Decor Inspiration

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We spent quite a bit of time getting some things accomplished around the house. I’ll be sharing a look at each room as we complete it, with a peek at some of the inspiration behind it as well. First up, is our living room decor inspiration!

Luckily, both A and I have similar design styles. Well to be fair, A is very agreeable and usually comes around to my ideas, but “similar design styles” sounds more profesh. We decided early on that we wanted a rustic and comfortable feel to all of our spaces. Luckily that style is very in right now thanks to shows like Fixer Upper, so I found no shortage of inspiration on Pinterest and then locating the actual furniture at places like https://www.waysidefurniturehouse.com. The key was then narrowing down that living room decor to things that actually worked for us. Getting the right furniture is an incredibly hard decision, as I’m sure everyone can agree with. However, if you are looking to get new furniture for your living room then you might be interested in checking out something like these modern living room furniture sets.

Before I get too far, here’s a look at the space as it was when we moved in. Very blank slate, right?

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We loved the multi-tone flooring when we saw it in the model and had to have it for our house as well. The fireplace/TV combination gives the living room a natural focal point so we wanted to work our seating around that. I loved the huge amounts of natural light those windows brought in and don’t want to lose it with furnishings. I did consider getting some more lights added into the room (there’s a great range of affordable floor lamps available here) because I just think a room looks better the more lights it has in it, but I’m still figuring out what I think would work best.

Bookshelves Living Room Decor Inspiration


The space on either side of the fireplace is the perfect spot for some storage and bookshelves seem like the natural choice. I love the look of these built-ins and think we could totally pull off something similar. This is also where I got the inspiration for our chair choices. We managed to find something almost identical and we’re in love with them.

Rug Living Room Decor Inspiration


Rugs. Oh my goodness, we’ve looked at so many rugs, from patterned rugs to shaggy rugs! This style and color combination was one that constantly stood out to me for the living room. I loved how fluffy it is and since we wanted to go with grey sofas, I liked that it tied everything in together without being too busy. But finding it was the hard part! Spoiler: we did find what we wanted and you likely got a sneak peak of it here, but at a much lower cost thanks to some dedicated shopping.

Shiplap living room decor inspiration

One more piece of living room decor inspiration comes in the form of shiplap from this picture! While we are pretty set on bookshelves on either side of the fireplace, doing a little something something to dress up the fireplace itself is on our list as well. I think adding shiplap or reclaimed wood (maybe white shiplap with a reclaimed wood mantle!) would give it some interest and make it a little less cookie-cutter. Also, I’m dying over that floor lamp (another piece that’s on our list of things to purchase). Also on our wishlist is to freshen up the appearance of our stairs by incorporating balustrades, which can be found at Pear Stairs. I really think that could the icing on the cake!

Other items to take care of in the living room: changing out that horrible builder’s grade light for a nice ceiling fan, curtains of some kind to finish off those windows and then some artwork! Just between us, I have already spotted some gorgeous new Ceiling Fans online. Honestly, I love ceiling fans, they help to keep your room at the perfect temperature, and most of them even have a built-in light too. I’m already looking into some local electricians who can come and help us install the ceiling fan in our home. I can’t wait. I’ve heard of a service similar to MZ Electric (mzelectric.com/electrical/ceiling-fans/) that can do the job, so I’ll eventually have a look into it myself. It’s just an exciting addition to our home.

The fact that they can be both visually appealing and efficient when it comes to keeping us cool in the summer months, is amazing. Can it get any better? But, I may have to follow my friend’s advice when she told me that I should look for reputable electricians in my area, similar to Aardvark Electric, (check it out here for yourself) who will be able to install it for me because I don’t really know where I’d start. It’s better than doing it myself and running the risk of breaking the ceiling fan in the process because that would be a nightmare, especially as I have so many other things left to sort before the room looks how I want it to. We had our sofas and chairs delivered last week and you’ve already seen the coffee table of my dreams so this room has experienced a lot of progress in a short amount of time.

Where do you find living room decor inspiration and what’s your design style?

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