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Deployment ABCs: Doing Time & Other Countdown Apps

The Deployment ABCs is a 26-week series where I cover every deployment-related topic, from care packages to homecomings to OPSEC. Tips, tricks and maybe a resource or two to help military spouses navigate their way through the craziness that is a deployment.  If there’s a topic you’d like for me to cover or are interested in adding your own thoughts to, send me an email and we’ll chat! 

I’m not one prone to negativity, so you’ll find that I do try to put a positive spin on just about everything, including deployment.  But no matter how busy I stay or how many care packages I send, at the end of the day, I just want a deployment to end! I want the plane to land, the hugs to start and the countdown app to say zero.

During our first long-term separation, I learned that counting down the days until homecoming was a great way to stay motivated. It gave me visual proof that time was passing and A was getting closer to being home.  I did what any 20-something would do: I looked to see if there was an app for that!

Honestly, I was kind of surprised at the number of countdowns apps I found, but I quickly learned that the Doing Time app was my hands-down favorite.  It’s super simple and user-friendly. I love that you can customize the colors and adjust the dates even once the countdown has started, because we all know that deployment timelines change as frequently as the wind.  And it’s free!

deployment countdown app

Plus, and this is the best part, Doing Time was developed by a soldier! How do you beat that?

Other countdown apps include Countdown!!, Countdown App on Android, and Countdown Days Since, Days Until.

What are your favorite countdown apps?

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