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Baking Must Haves

baking must haves

One of the hard things about not having my own kitchen right now is not having my own kitchen supplies when it’s time to bake. My mom is generous to a fault and is always up for letting me borrow hers, but I miss my baking must-haves, y’all! There are so many gadgets and gizmos you can have in your kitchen that it’s often hard to find the best ones! Luckily, you can go to the reviewloft.co.uk homepage and find a review going over whether that product is good or not. While things like hot chocolate makers and sous vide machines might not be essential, it’s important to treat yourself to things like that. I might list all my favorite gadgets when I have my kitchen back but for now, I’ll just go over the must-haves!

There’s something about trying to bake with things that aren’t yours. I feel out of sorts and things just don’t run as smoothly. I have heard the Bakery courses in delhi teach you about how to adapt to using new equipment, which might help you adjust to using equipment that isn’t yours. Maybe I’m just stubborn. I can’t find the flour and the measuring spoons aren’t the size I need.

But when I’m in my own kitchen?

Cue the angels singing!

baking must haves

Prep bowlsmixing bowlcookie sheetoven mitt

I know that I’m about to sound like an ad for Sur la Table, but just hear me out on this one: I have tried a lot of different cookie sheets, but the ones at Sur are by far my favorite. They have a texture that contributes heavily to their non-stick factor and are thick so they don’t warp in the oven. They are a breeze to clean and I love them.

Other must-haves for me are bowls. Lots and lots of bowls. The mixing bowl from World Market is my hands down favorite and I use it all the time, mostly for batters that don’t require my stand mixer. The pour spout makes it easy to add cake or brownie batters to baking pans. I also really like the prep bowls from Sur la Table for marathon baking sessions. Measuring out all the ingredients in advance helps me fly through each batch.

Speaking of ingredients, I always like to have some essentials fully in stock so I never run out if I decide to have an impromptu baking session. Buying Bulk Milk Powder is a must as milk is in so many recipes but I never have enough in the fridge! Having plenty of milk powder at hand is a life-saver, and it means I never have to run to the shops or ask a neighbor. I can just get on with my baking with no interruptions and no hassle.

And last, but certainly not least, I love adding a bit of personality to my baking supplies. This dachshund oven mitt is totally something I would add to my baking must-haves!

What are your baking must-haves?

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