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Week-Long Care Package

week-long care package

Happy Monday, everyone! Last week was absolutely bonkers for A and I and this weekend wasn’t much better so I’m looking forward to reconnecting a little bit over the next few days.  Since I knew we wouldn’t spend a whole lot of time together (at least not while awake), I put together a really quick week-long care package so that he knew I was thinking about him every day.

I definitely haven’t made a care package while A was still living in the same house as me, but I figured a week-long care package would be a great way to start! After a little thinking, and quite a bit of Target browsing, I decided to use a pill box as the base for his week of treats.

I love that it gives me a designated space for each day and that it closes to keep all the little goodies inside and unspilled until he opens it. Plus the clear tops give a little sneak peek of the surprise inside and the week-long care package super colorful!

Week-long care package

Be serious, you would totally want to open one of those little boxes each day, wouldn’t you? Or maybe all of them at once, right? And you don’t even know what’s in them! To make the care package extra special, I chose one of A’s favorite candies, which also happens to be one he doesn’t get to have very often.  I’m allergic, but he’ll love those M&M’s!

week-long care package

I also wrote teeny tiny encouragement notes for each day, some of which went with the little edible treat for the day. A is a huge gum fan, but never seems to have any (I know, I’ve asked for some!) so I thought a few pieces spread throughout the week would be nice for him.

The best part of this week-long care package? That it’s totally customizable! You can fill each container with whatever your loved one will love the most.  Different candy, maybe mixed nuts, a goofy little trinket to make them smile. And think about the possibilities for kiddos! You could use this for their birthday week or the last week of school or maybe even leading up to a big trip.

What would you put in your week-long care package?

week-long care package


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