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It’s been quite a while since I blogged about what our life is like right now, but I love reading these kinds of posts from other bloggers so here we go!

Work has been bonkers for both me and A, which hasn’t left a whole lot of time for any “fun” stuff. Blogging, couple time, exercising…everything has kind of had to take a backseat, but I’m hopeful that things will slow down soon.  We had a brief break this weekend and got to organize our first full family outing at a state park.  It went so much better than I expected! R and B got all their sniffs in and seemed to really get along well. They even chased each other around (in a friendly way!) at the very end of the day.

We spent the day hiking at Raven Rock State Park and had so much fun. The trails were a little muddy which led to a few funny moments, but the weather held out and we took lots of great family of four selfies!

May Life Update2

Give me a river and dark clouds for pictures all day long. I didn’t bring my real camera so all I grabbed were phone snaps, but the scenery was still gorgeous. I so want to go back in good weather and go photo crazy.

May Life Update4

5 miles definitely wore both pups out and they got a few extra z’s in during the car trip (R) and yesterday morning (B). How can you resist those sleepy faces?

May Life Update

In other non-dog news, our house is coming along so well! I’m saving all of the details for my post on Friday, but safe to say we’re really loving the progress so far.  And the exterior color! All the heart eyes!

May Life Update23


  • Watching: Amazing Race…and not the new season…all the old ones! I’ve totally got A hooked too.
  • Eating: Rise donuts. Holy cramoly they’re good. So light and fluffy! I totally wish I had one right now.
  • Reading: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  I wish I was getting into it a little bit faster than I have been. I think my crazy work schedule plus the heavy nature of the story is really making it difficult for me. So difficult that I may not have a book post this month!
  • Listening: Dance with ya by Drew Baldridge and Think of You by Chris Young and Cassadee Pope. I crank up the radio every time either song comes on!
  • Buying: we’re slowly starting to accumulate a few items for our new house! I scored some really cute nesting end tables at an antique store recently that I’m so excited to use in the living room.  Other recent finds include some new orange and white accent pillows, a new utensil crock (orange of course) for the kitchen and a rustic tray to corral A’s coffee supplies.
  • Preparing: for our camping trip! And a huge work event in two weekends, but mainly that camping trip. We purchased some of our supplies last weekend and I’m enjoying making lists of all that we should bring with us.

What has your life been like lately?!

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