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10 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Let’s talk Mother’s Day for a second. Specifically what happens when, despite all of your best intentions, you don’t actually get your act together and find yourself scrambling for a last-minute gift. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this and it does not make you a bad kid. But since you still don’t want to show up empty-handed, I’ve rounded up a few fantastic last-minute gift ideas for mom.

  1. Something handmade: Pinterest is filled with tons of cute DIY projects, and if she loved your crafts from pre-school, she’ll love something that you make once you’ve mastered those fine motor skills. I really like this picture letter and it would work for moms and grandmothers!
  2. A day off: Find me someone who works harder than a mom! Between 9-5’s and taking care of every.single.thing their children need, moms run non-stop. So wouldn’t it be nice for her to take a day off? Make it happen on Mother’s Day by taking care of any cleaning, cooking and random needs during the day.
  3. A new family photo: My mom loves photos of my little family and has them up all over her house. So maybe the perfect gift for your mom is a photo of everyone in the family or a photo of all the generations in the family (those are always so sweet). You could even get something like a personalized photo necklace that would let her keep her most cherished photo(s) close to her heart at all times. This one might require a bit of prior planning, though.
  4. Flowers: Call me cliche, but I love flowers. Always have. Always will. So while a nice bouquet of fresh flowers seems kind of standard, I still think it’s a totally viable option. But if you’re looking to take it the extra step, you can arrange them yourself, deliver them in person or even make them out of paper!
  5. Cook a meal for (or with!) her: I think breakfast in bed is kind of a Mother’s Day staple, but making a big fancy dinner could be a nice way to mix things up. A great idea for little kids would be to cook a meal with mom or maybe even adults cooking a meal with grandma. The key here is to make it as simple as possible so mom doesn’t have to do too much, while still bonding in the kitchen.
  6. Plan her favorite activity for the day: Think about what your mom loves to do in her spare time. Is she a museum buff? A sports fanatic? Or maybe she just likes to read quietly in a bubblebath? Whatever it is, plan ample time for her to enjoy it that day. The bonus here is if you find a way to do it with her, but sometimes alone time is just what a person needs.
  7. Re-create a childhood photo: Oh the possibilities with this one are endless and it’s the perfect gift if you’re looking for something a little more lighthearted. You could then frame it and give it to her on Sunday.
  8. Write her a song or a poem: Full confession here, I don’t have the talent to do either of these, but I know so many people who do and it would be so beautiful!
  9. Help her cross an item off her bucket list: Granted, this may take a little bit of planning, but I’m sure there’s something she’s always wanted to do, but hasn’t had the time yet. Make it happen! Buy her a dance lesson, plan a trip, take her bungee jumping if that’s her jam. She spent your entire life making your dreams happen and now it’s time to return the favor!
  10. Saying “thank you”: Having someone tell me how much they appreciate everything I do is one the fastest ways to make me feel loved. Do the same thing for mom on Mother’s Day! Bonus points if you give her a nice long, handwritten letter telling her how much she’s done for you throughout your life. I guarantee you that she’ll keep that forever and reading it will always be a bright spot in her day.

Do you have any big plans for celebrating your mom this weekend?

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