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B’s Day in the Life

I’m taking a little break from blogging today in favor of some extra R & R, but I’m leaving you in the ever capable hands…err paws of everyone’s favorite wiener dog, B!

Hello bloggy friends! I know last time we chatted I was super mad (and I totally still am), but my mom made me promise to at least give R a chance before I confirm decide I don’t like him.  She also secretly promised me lots of extra treats if I don’t freak out when he comes home. Shhh. Don’t tell A.

So I’m soaking up every last second of being the only dog in the bed. And I think my parents are feeling a little guilty about cheating on me so they’re all about making every day lots of fun for me. Here’s a look at a recent day in my life!

On Saturday, I was supposed to sleep late, but decided I would much rather get A up before 7:30 and start our fun-filled day! After breakfast, we went down to the pond in my Nana’s neighborhood and went fishing! It was so much fun!

Baxter Day in the Life 39

I ran around like a crazy dog and got all hot so A plopped me in the pond and even though I am totally anti-water (seriously, I won’t go outside when it’s raining), I actually really liked it. So much so that I accidentally on purpose fell in a few more times during the afternoon.

When I wasn’t running around or pretending I didn’t know how to swim, I was making new friends, like this turtle. I found him in the weeds and tried to play with him, but then he moved and it scared me so my mom had to come rescue me. But I don’t think he was really all that mean.

Baxter Day in the Life 47

I also saw my very first fish! My dad caught one and my mom caught two! One was as big as I am! I swear! I wasn’t really sure what to make of these floppy things, but when I licked one, they tasted alright. My mom wasn’t super happy about that, but A thought it was so funny! I drank some pond water before I tried to kiss my mom again just so she wasn’t grossed out.

Baxter Day in the Life 87

After we finished fishing, we walked over to visit my new house! It’s so weird-I can’t run through the walls anymore! But I’m super excited for us to move in because there’s so much more room for activities! And I heard a rumor that we’re going to get new sofas so that means there’s a bunch more places to sleep.

Baxter Day in the Life 81

That’s definitely my happy face and that was even before I sneakily ate some sawdust! I also checked out our new deck and surveyed my land. I can already tell that I’ll spend a lot of time outside parking at birds and chasing R around.

Baxter Day in the Life 03

After all that running around, I’ll admit that I was getting a little tired, even with my dog adonis physique. But it all worked because I just made A carry me around. Sucker. The only downside to visiting my new house is that my mom washed my feet when we got back to Nana’s. I can’t really figure out why though.

Baxter Day in the Life 11

Sadly, he made me walk home on my own, but then he gave me a piece of puppy bacon because I was such a good boy so I really think I came out a winner.  After all of that excitement, I spent the rest of the day snoozing in my favorite sun spot. Oh and I tried to chew on my brother a little bit, but it’s how I love.

Baxter Day in the Life 30

I hope we get to have just as much fun this weekend! Happy Friday, blog friends! I hope your weekend is as fun-filled as mine!


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