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Loving Lately: April

Happy Wednesday! First up today, some news. This week will mark the last week of me blogging MWF. Next month (and hopefully all the months after that) I will post 5 days a week! It’s a super ambitious plan and I’m kind of afraid that if I’m successful, B will physically forget what I look like. But I have also grown the blog as much as I can with just three posts a week, so it’s time to up my game! For those of you that do blog every day, how do you budget your time? I’m sharing my favorite go-to resource here tomorrow, but would love to hear your thoughts as well!

Now…on to the good stuff…all of the amazing links that I am drooling over from the past month.

First up, literal drool here for this homemade gnocchi! I’ve never made gnocchi, but it doesn’t look super hard and I wouldn’t even have to get out my pasta making attachment.

Words cannot truly express the love I have for this powder room makeover. That wallpaper. Like seriously.

I know the title says you need them for Easter, but can’t we all agree that sweet potato dinner rolls are something that should always have a place at our table? Especially if there’s honey butter involved.

Blame it on the Fixer Upper or on the soon-to-be house, but I am currently obsessed with interior design blogs and this one is killing it. That green. That pink. The polka dot furniture. #swoon.

Berry chocolate mousse cake. Peace out.

For any Insta-newbies (or even those of us that could use some hashtag help), here’s an awesome list of hashtags to use, no matter your subject. I’ve been using them for about a month now and have seen some drastic improvements in my engagement and followers! Alternatively, if you’re already using hashtags but aren’t quite seeing a huge improvement, there are some other tools you could use. One of those tools being Nitreo, (https://nitreo.com), could help improve your following overnight! It’s all about finding what’s right for you so sometimes there may be a little trial and error but you should get the hang of it eventually. Hopefully, anyway.

Whole wheat honey-jalapeño cornbread chicken tamale pie. So many words. So much yum.

Make sure to visit me tomorrow for my new go-to blogging resource and maybe a Friday gift or two for y’all!

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