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House Update: And suddenly it looks like a house!

I swear I did not intend to be one of those people who shares every single detail about some random life event! But the whole house construction process has been so exciting that I can’t help but share it with you all! I know you’ve heard everything from the planning process to getting earthmoving and dozer hire moranbah to buying the materials… and now another update! I drive by our construction site daily and sometimes A and I go over after to work just to walk around. I’m not even kidding with y’all, we are like little kids on Christmas Eve: so stinking excited.

I mentioned last month how all it seemed we were doing was waiting and that we’d been stuck at the foundation point for what felt like forever. Maybe the construction gods heard me or maybe it’s just how construction goes, but this month has been like a time warp. Overnight our dirt lot and foundation had one floor. And then two. And then a roof! And doors and windows! All of a sudden, it nearly resembles a home. I think the doors and windows have made the biggest difference, as they changed it from looking like a wooden box to an actual water-tight home. They weren’t cheap, but we are so happy with them and they come with a long guarantee so they shouldn’t need replacing any time soon. I should probably add in at this point that if your windows do need replacing, there are plenty of contractors offering window replacement denver and other cities across the U.S.

Once the construction has more or less been done we’ll be having a roofing Denver company to inspect the roof and sign off on its structural condition. It’s getting so far along we even have plumbing and electrical and HVAC ducts all over the dang place!! I’ve actually been trying to find an air duct cleaning Alexandria company since I know the HVAC system is gonna need a decent clean once I’ve moved in. The house is super dusty at the minute (as you can probably imagine), so an air duct cleaner will definitely be needed. I want my HVAC to work perfectly! I’m really pleased with how everything’s going, particularly the roof. I’ve been learning about the benefits of spray foam roofing and it’s something we’re definitely looking into. There are still a few other things that I need to sort out for our roof too. For example, I have been doing some research into different roofing materials. So far, I have chosen our roof and gutter silicone but everything else is still yet to be decided. Who knew building a house would be so stressful!

There’s even a bathtub in our bathroom now! Thank goodness for the bathtub. I kept saying to my family that as long as I have a bathtub, then I’ll be happy. And now I am. Nothing beats getting into a lovely, warm bubble bath at the end of a hard day at work, or doing chores around the house. I think it’s about time that I start looking for a plumbing company in our area who will be able to correctly install it for us, as I want to test it out as soon as the house construction has finished. So, you could say that I’ve given ourselves a bit of a time crunch now, but I haven’t really. I want to make sure that everything is as it should be before getting time to relax in my newly furnished bathroom. Now that everything is starting to take shape, I can’t wait to see the final product. So much construction has been going on that it can be a blur, but we, of course, made sure that everything was checked out beforehand, we wanted to make sure the equipment from such companies as Platforms and Ladders were all working to the highest standards for the crew so that everyone was safe.

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The framing process definitely made things seem real, more so than it’s ever been leading up to this point. We’re really lucky to be so close to our construction site and oftentimes walk over after dinner to check things out. Plus we’ve gotten to bring B by a few times and let him sniff around, both literally and figuratively.

Coming up in the next month or so, we have our inspection, a pre-drywall orientation and then drywall! I think that’s when things will really start taking shape and we can start to visualize furniture placement and actually living there. Eek!! It’s so hard to believe that at the end of June, we’ll have a brand new place to call ours. But the pictures don’t lie! It’s happening.

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I couldn’t help but include one last photo. All of our new windows are the perfect height for B to put his paws on the edge and survey his land. And he’s already gotten the hang of it.

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