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Blog Planner: Keeping Myself Organized

blog planner

Raise your hand if sometimes you feel a little overwhelmed by all the to-dos, especially that ever-growing list of blog to-dos. Girl, I feel your pain. In order to take my blog more seriously in year two, I find myself adding more and more items to my already very full plate.  Between social media, writing content, networking and figuring out what the heck to offer readers in a newsletter, I end up drowning in literally all the things. And I’d wager a guess that you do too, at least sometimes.  So I did what I always do when I’m trying to keep my head above water; I wrote everything down. And then I tried to prioritize and organize it in a way that would be useful for me. And that’s how my blog planner was born!

I suppose I could have purchased one, but I just couldn’t find a blog planner that had everything I needed. And then I thought, well hey, if I already have everything written down, why don’t I just turn that into my blog planner? So I did. Because I’m a boss like that. P.S. I totally don’t consider myself a boss…I’m not sure I’m cool enough for that word, but I like the way it sounds!

Weekly To-Do List

A lot of what I need to do each week stays the same, but being able to see it visually via my blog planner really keeps me focused. Instead of spending the first 20 minutes of my bloggy time freaking out over the 1985837589375 things swirling around in my brain, I just refer to my blog planner and start grooving.

Even though I do a lot of the same things each week, I do find myself with some different tasks that need to be included as well.  That’s what the extra space on each day is for! In my mind, if a task is big enough to warrant being accomplished, it’s big enough to add to a list (and then have the satisfaction of crossing off) so I write everything down!

Blog Planner21


Y’all. I am hardcore the worst at link-ups.  I have every intention of participating, but I forget, especially if they aren’t weekly.  And then I don’t get to meet new bloggers and lose out on a whole new group of people reading my content. So in go the link-ups on the blog planner.

Blog Planner17

Monthly Goals

Now this feature is purely selfish because I tend to set perfectly attainable monthly blog goals and then forget them about a week and a half in.  And then I look back at the end of the month and am super disappointed in myself because I could have gotten them done! So I added the monthly goals section to this blog planner so that I could see them each time I refer to the chart and hold myself accountable all month long.

Blog Planner08

So in the spirit of Fri-yay, I am giving it to you all to use for your blog planner as well! You can download the editable PDF form and fill in anything you want. Or you can print a blank version and handwrite everything in. I actually do a combination of both and have found that using small Post-its for the extra weekly to-dos and my monthly goals keeps me from printing a trillion copies of this throughout the year.

blog planner

Please note that this post contains an affiliate link or two. If you click the link and purchase that product, I get a teeny tiny wiener dog sized commission.  

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