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Spring Decor: Pieces I Love

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a home to decorate right now. Maybe it’s because I will soon have a much larger home to decorate. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent far too much time on Pinterest lately, looking at all the amazing decorations people have. Oh, and the murals! There’s so many gorgeous ones, it almost makes me want to grab some peel and stick mural wallpaper for my place. But, whatever the reason, I’m having a hard time not buying all of the spring decor items I’m seeing in stores lately. Sometimes I don’t succeed. Ok, a lot of the time I don’t succeed. But I’m trying really hard and that’s what counts, right?! Anyway, don’t let me stop you from investing in some of the pretty home decor items that you’ve got lined up for yourself. I’ve seen that luxury rugs are becoming a really popular item in the home at the moment, and if you were to view Bazaar Velvet and their collection of luxury rugs, you might just find yourself an item that really changes the way you view your home.

Without further ado, here are a few of the items I’m loving (but maybe not buying)!

Spring Decorating Favorites

wreathpillowwall hangingcarrot fork & spoonmason jarsfloral napkinsdishescolorful napkins

Full disclosure, I totally bought those colorful dishes. A whole set of them. And I’m not even a teensy bit sorry about it. I love that they’re plastic and therefore perfect for outdoor use (picnics!), but are still dishwasher safe! Plus, as a sometimes food blogger, I adore the way they photograph.

For the most part, I keep my spring decor fairly holiday-neutral so I get to enjoy it a little bit longer. And with the exception of maybe the bunny pillow, you really could have these items out from now until Memorial Day! You could really use that wreath almost all year long if you wanted to, especially if you changed out the ribbon seasonally.

And let’s discuss for about two minutes how cute that fork and spoon would be in the hands of a little one?! They would be a perfect Easter basket stuffer.

And that spring wall hanging has a dachshund in it!! A dachshund, y’all. Clearly that is being purchased for our new house. I’ll apologize to A later.

What spring decor items are you loving this year? And do you like to keep your spring decor holiday-neutral or do you go all out for each holiday?

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