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Military Care Package Inspiration: Spring is Here

Confession time: I think spring may be my favorite season. I know that as a girl, I’m genetically predisposed to choose fall, but all the pumpkin in the world can’t compete with how happy fluffy baby geese make me.

Baby geese poop on the sidewalk however…anyone have a pumpkin spice latte to loan me?

Seriously though, spring is my jam. Just like making care packages. I think you see where I’m going with this.

A has gotten quite a few spring themed care packages over the years and even though he’s home this spring, I can’t help but brainstorm some super cute ideas!!

St. Patrick’s Day: I’m so lucky to have you!

This has to be the easiest theme of them all because everything can be green! I sent A a St. Patrick’s Day box a few years ago with this exact color scheme. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Thin Mints come in a green box or that if you’re ordering one box, you may as well get another one for yourself. Sorry. It’s true.

If you’re looking to send something homemade, I highly suggest these cute shamrock pretzels which would be great for little hands to help with. Another fun aspect of a care package is sending something for your loved one to share with his or her co-workers. These Skittles treat bags would be easy to make and perfect to share around the office.

Easter: Some Bunny Loves You!

Easter also provides a lot of great ideas for a care package.  I think opening a box filled with plastic Easter eggs each holding their own little note or treat would brighten anyone’s day.  And then if some of them were rice krispie treat eggs? Talk about perfection!

They make Easter themed scrapbook paper for you to cover the inside of the box with, but really any pastel color would work well. This paint chip garland would be so cute to add to the box flaps.

Be careful about sending Easter treats: most chocolate will melt by the time it makes it overseas. Good alternatives could be jelly beans or Peeps. Those suckers are almost indestructible.

Spring: I can’t wait to spring into your arms! 

If you’re looking to send just a seasonal box, spring is still a great theme! You could decorate the inside of your box to match the theme and then include non-themed contents. Bonus if you wrap them in cute paper!

What spring themed care package ideas do you have?

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