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Feeling the Love: Valentine’s Day Printable

Hello all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Ours was entirely too short and entirely too busy, and not necessarily in a fun way. But I did take a break from all of my adulting to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, which is far more fun than taxes and cleaning.

Valentine's Day Printable

Once February hits, I feel that it’s acceptable to decorate and start preparing for Valentine’s Day. I don’t necessarily do Valentine’s up the same way as other holidays, like Christmas for example, but I definitely like to add a few touches around the house.  A banner here, a few little ceramic hearts there and this fantastic printable front and center.

You can have this for your own home by clicking the image, saving it to your computer and then printing on some nice card stock to place in a frame.

Do you go big with your Valentine’s Day decor or do you go with something more subtle?

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