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The Happiest Moments of My Life

I was browsing through Instagram the other day and came across the #52ListsProject hashtag. The list lover in me was immediately hooked, especially when I saw that week’s prompt.

List the happiest moments of your life so far.  


Oh my word, my mind immediately started racing as I thought of moment after moment that ranked pretty high on the happy list.  I could barely write fast enough to get all of the good moments down on paper.

As I kept writing and writing, I was struck by just how much happy I’ve crammed into 27 years of life.  And you know what? That made me so happy in and of itself that I could resist sharing some of my happiest moments with you all.

  1. Marrying the man of my dreams.
  2. Landing my dream job right out of college.
  3. Getting into Clemson!
  4. Doing so well and graduating in four years.
  5. Every time A comes home from a deployment.
  6. Finding out I get to go see Garth Brooks in February!
  7. Buying a house by myself at the age of 23.
  8. Getting to bring my little buddy, B home.
  9. Friends getting engaged, getting married and having babies!
  10. Our entire honeymoon.
  11. Catching snowflakes on my tongue after watching a $2 movie in college.
  12. A asking me to be his wife.
  13. Picking up my first puppy when I was in the 3rd grade.
  14. Completing my solo half marathon.
  15. Clemson beating LSU in the Chick-fil-A bowl in 2012 and watching the whole thing from an amazing restaurant in Nashville.
  16. An N’SYNC concert when I was about 12.
  17. Buying myself flowers on a random Saturday morning.
  18. Making snow angels in Colorado.
  19. Our family vacation to Washington, D.C.
  20. Celebrating A making chief!
  21. Getting my first American Girl doll when I was in the 2nd grade.
  22. The Carolina Hurricanes winning the Stanley Cup in 2006 and their playoff run in 2009.
  23. My 22nd surprise birthday party.
  24. Ice skating in London, badly.
  25. Going to Disney World when I was 6 and having Cinderella call me “Princess Rachel”.
  26. Hosting Thanksgiving for the very first time.
  27. All of the random lunch dates, snow days, late nights, and road trips all spent with people I love.

The best part of writing this list (and then spending some time reflecting on it) is seeing just how many of my happiest moments aren’t huge major life moments. Yes, a few of them, like getting married, are those big life-defining moments, but most of them are the average every day moments that could be easily forgotten.

That realization is exactly what I set out with the goal of being more present in 2016.  It’s why my phone gets put away after work, why the TV is off during dinner, why I want to soak up every moment.  Because in 27 years, I want to look back and pull up so many happiest moments that I hardly have paper enough to write them all down.

Now it’s your turn: what are some of the happiest moments of your life so far?

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