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Snow Day Activities

I went to the grocery store yesterday and was met with a scene straight out of an post-apocalyptic movie.

People were everywhere, wildly grabbing bread, milk, eggs, booze…you know the essentials. Shelves were empty, cashiers looked afraid and I swear I saw one woman clear an entire shelf of Oreos into her cart. There may have even been a zombie or two.

Why the widespread panic?

It’s supposed to snow today.  Like all day. Which in North Carolina means that roads shut down, businesses and schools close and everyone loses their collective minds.  And, thankfully, most people stay home.

So to fully celebrate the day, I’ve rounded up some fun snow day activities for kids of all ages!

Break out the board games and have an all-day Monopoly/Scrabble/Battleship tournament.

Bake loads of cookies. I suggest these bad boys. Or these.

Have a movie or TV marathon (bonus if there’s a pillow fort involved).

Spend the day snuggled up under loads of blankets reading as many books as you can. For little kids, there are sites that will actually read books aloud!

Bundle up, head outside and paint the snow!

Make (and eat) loads of snow cream.

Have a scavenger hunt! This example is for kids, but you could easily make a grown-up one.  Maybe hide some of that alcohol you bought in your pre-snow panic.

Play charades! This is a great list of ideas.

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