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Re-Introducing Me in 2016

Hello dear readers! I’ve noticed quite a few new folks stopping by my little corner of the internet lately and I thought it might be nice to re-introduce myself!

If we met in real life, I would probably introduce myself and then you’d ask questions to learn more about me and I’d get awkward because I hate talking about myself.

But I would pull myself together, probably by gushing about my wiener dog, B and my husband, A.  I’d probably show you pictures of both, definitely of B. We’ve all been a family for about three years now and I couldn’t imagine life any other way. They keep my days busy, my house noisy and my heart very, very full. 

I’d tell you that I love to explore new places, but hate flying to get there. I’d say that once I get started, I really like running, but will also totally put it off as long as possible. Also, cupcakes and donuts are my jam, which is why I can’t put off running too long.  I lean towards a more old lady lifestyle (both currently and historically) which includes sensible shoes, lots of tea, even more HGTV, early bedtimes and more than a few marathon scrapbooking sessions.

My husband is a career military man which leads to far more separations than I am really ok with, but I’d like to think that I’ve come a long way in the past few years.  Deployments also give me an excuse to make ridiculously fun care packages. Plus when he’s gone, that whole early bedtime becomes a SUPER early bedtime which delights me and B to no end (#allthesleeps). 

I’d likely tell you about some big things our little family has coming our way in 2016, which I’ll share with you all soon, and then quickly try to change the subject to being about you, so…

Please feel free to introduce yourself (and leave a link to your blog) in the comments so I can get to know you too!

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