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Military Care Package Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

Are you ready for some real talk, right now? I miss making care packages.

Now I don’t miss A being gone, of course, but I miss shopping, crafting and sending boxes of sunshine to my favorite guy.  My fingers are just itching to put together a new box, especially with Valentine’s Day being so close.  I actually found myself with a cart full of Gatorade and Nutella (both care package staples) the other day before I realized that while they were on sale, I didn’t actually need them right now.

So in order to avoid stockpiling chocolate hazelnut products for months on end, I’ve put together a little Valentine’s Day care package inspiration for you all!

Care Package ThemeBlowing Hearts Photo – Thumb Print Card – Vintage Valentine
What I Love About You journal – Punny Gift Tags – Kiss Kit

All of these are such cute ideas for a Valentine’s Day-themed box and I love that you could easily incorporate kids into all of the creative aspects!

I’ve actually sent A the “What I Love About You” journal and it was a lot of fun to both complete and read later.  I would definitely recommend this one.  The Kiss Kit can be adapted to include whatever you want, but I like the idea of it getting someone ready for their next first kiss.

I’m basically in love with those “punny”gift tags. Attaching them to any food items you include would be a super fast and easy way to dress up your care package a little bit.  Same with including the thumb prints art or the vintage Valentine (it would be an easy photoshop change to make it fit your favorite branch of service).

The heart garland (made from paint chips) and the blowing hearts photo are perfect little kid projects.  Or, you could have all family members take the same photo and put them together into a little book for your loved one. Think how cute that would be!

Alright, time to get crafting! Valentine’s Day is only about a month away!

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