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Loving Lately January

So who has two thumbs and didn’t win the Powerball?

Oh that’s right, basically all of us. Luckily, I hadn’t mentally spent the money a hundred times over.

Oh wait.

But at least today is Friday and the start of a long weekend!

Loving Lately January 2016

One of the things I want do more in 2016 is read and this year-long reading challenge holds significant potential.

And here are the 12 best books to read in 2016 so I can consider myself jump started.

The 10 minute travel workout. Because apparently watching HBO and eating room service doesn’t count anymore.

If you’re still in need of some inspiration for 2016, this post about recharging and finding happiness nails it.

Wood beam and plank ceilings should feel free to invade my house anytime.

Goal for the next year? Stepping up my game on the ol’ Instagram.

A round-up of healthy eating recipes…I have to try anything called “zoodles”. For realizes.

And because not all food is meant to be healthy: triple chunk chocolate muffins.


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