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Vintage Photo Christmas Gift Tags

What is it about old photos that make faces light up? Is it the memories? The brief glimpse into a time they have only heard about in stories? The goofiness of fashion and hair styles back in the 80’s? For me, old photos bring all the warm and fuzzies, matched only by Christmas itself. So when I stumbled across some very vintage photos of my parents, I knew that I wanted to turn them into one of a kind Christmas gift tags.

All of the photos I wanted to use were a variety of colors that just didn’t go with my wrapping paper, so I opted to make them all black and white.  Some just happened to already be black and white because they were taken prior to the invention of color photography, but we won’t talk about that.

I arranged them so multiple photos fit on each page, printed them all on lightweight cardstock and then cut them to size. I’d highly recommend using cardstock for this project so that your tags have a little bit more weight to them.  They need to hold up, especially if you’re shipping or transporting them.

Another cool idea would be to have them printed on photo paper so that they could be treated like the keepsake they are for years to come! Your imagination is really only the limiting factor for how you attach the photo gift tags to your presents. I opted to keep things simple so that the photos really stood out, but know they would look fantastic no matter how you use them!<

For a very quick DIY project, these will have a big impact.  I cannot wait to see everyone’s faces when they see their own faces staring back at them on Christmas morning!

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