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Pretty sure my entire life right now is summed up by that image. I don’t know about you all, but I consider myself a winner for just having made it through the week! Life is crazy right now so I am very much looking forward to playing catch up this weekend on a few things…like wrapping ALL of my Christmas presents. Gulp.

Another thing on my list this weekend? Bake some Christmas cookies! I whipped up some easy candy for my office party, but haven’t really done my regular level of holiday baking and it’s driving me nuts. These hot chocolate meltaway cookies sound like just the thing to get back on track.

Because when your mind is wrapped up in holiday parties and shopping lists, it’s hard to find any spare mental energy for blogging: 25 holiday blog posts.

We eat chicken for dinner at least once a week. Here’s to mixing it up in 2016 with pan sauces!

Christmas light scavenger hunt” may be my favorite phrase of the holiday season.

Chocolate pudding cake may be my favorite phrase of 2015.

Strike that. It’s actually mint snowman marshmallows.

Holiday gift guides for bakers and homebodies are speaking my love language fershurr.

Last, but not least, this kitchen has me all ahfkahgkahgahaifh! I’ve never been able to commit to a color on that kind of permanently large scale, but am always in awe of people who do it.

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