2 In Marriage

I Cross My Heart

We’ve been married for a whole year! Well technically it’s a whole year minus one day, as our anniversary is technically tomorrow, but we’ll just go ahead and call it even.

It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s already been a year since this happened.

Just before we tied the knot, I had a friend tell me that being married was so much fun, even more fun than dating. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I believed her. Not because I didn’t think being married would be fun, but rather because I was having a large amount of fun dating A.

But you know what? She was totally right! Somehow everything we do is more fun now that we’re married. Vacations? Totally cooler when I check in with my new last name.  Date night? More special now that we’re making life-long memories. Lazy nights at home on the sofa? My heart jumps when I see A’s left hand resting on my leg.

Our wedding day was the most perfect day we could have ever imagined, but I think we’d both agree that the days that have followed are the better ones. Here’s to another 50 plus years full of more fun, more laughter and a whole lot of love.

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