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Football Care Package


You guys.

All y’all.

This is my last care package of this deployment! Let the happy dance begin!

There was something very satisfying about sealing that last box shut and temporarily retiring my tape gun.  Obviously I enjoy creating care packages and then sharing them with you all, but I enjoy spending time with my husband even more and I’m going to do a lot of that soon! Woot woot!

To make sure that the last box of this deployment was a good one, I needed a really good theme. When I realized we likely won’t be able to attend any Clemson football games this year, I knew I had to give him a little bit of the Clemson football experience, even if it was in a care package. And you know what? I think I delivered.

I worked to recreate Memorial Stadium for the interior of the box, including the Hill and Howard’s Rock, very iconic images in the Clemson football world.  All of the flaps were decorated with actual images of the stadium, including the nice crowd shot that fills in the “stands”. The bottom of the box is a piece of scrapbook paper that I doctored a little bit to fit the Clemson theme.

The best part is that you could do this with literally any sports team and create a really cool box for a fan missing his or her favorite season.  I’m already brainstorming a hockey themed box for a future deployment.

To continue the theme to the box’s contents was a little more of a challenge for me. I initially wanted only themed items (i.e. things that were Clemson related or had some football aspect to them), but quickly realized that it would severely limit what I sent.

Instead, I found a middle ground. I sent mostly regular care package items, but dressed them up with jerseys of some well-known Clemson players (and a few special jerseys).  Since this was the last care package for this deployment, I cleaned out my stash of snacks and drinks to fill the box. Adding the mini Clemson football broke my “no useless items” rule, but I was ok with it.

Things I included in this box:

  • Trail mix
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Magazine
  • Gatorade
  • Microwave oatmeal bowls
  • Popcorn peanut butter balls
  • A’s kiss kit

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