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Five First Anniversary Presents for Guys

They say time flies when you’re having fun, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that our first anniversary has come out of nowhere! It’s hard to believe that A and I will have been married for an entire year next week, luckily we get to keep that newlywed feeling going for a bit longer/forever.

We decided fairly early on that we would try to stick to the traditional wedding anniversary presents because it will keep our gifts creative. I did not really take into account the work that went into making those said gifts creative, considering that our anniversary is a week away and I may have literally just decided on what I wanted to give A, if you’re struggling for your anniversary this year round no matter how long it has been, getting your special husband a luxurious watch that he’ll treasure forever, from watchmakers like Citizen or others is a gift that you can never go wrong with.

Part of the problem was that the first anniversary gift, paper, lends itself to a lot of really great ideas that I loved. But I had to find something that A would love, which means the flowery love letter was probably out. So I’m sharing five first anniversary present ideas for your fella that will keep you from making any last minute decisions.

  1. Tickets. Now, this may not be the most creative gift idea, but I think you could really make it creative. Maybe spring for a game or concert in another city that will allow you both to make a real trip out of it. Or upgrade your seats so that you’re in the middle of the action. The bonus here is that you’re giving him an experience, a fun memory, instead of stuff.
  2. Travel map. If you and your husband love travel as much as A and I, then this would be a perfect idea! These travel maps allow you to keep track of all of your adventures together and serve as a great art piece for your house. You can find a lot of different versions already created for you or get super creative and design your own. Alternatively, personalized star maps can be a nice idea for those more interested in astronomy or their zodiac. This is good if you aren’t able to travel much; all you need to do is select the night you got married and it’ll find the alignment the stars were in on your first night as a married couple. What could be more romantic than that?
  3. Date night jar or restaurant passport. Both of these would be fantastic ideas that are really presents for you too. Come up with a date night idea for each week of the next year or a list of new restaurants to try and know that you’ll be enjoying this gift for the next year. A bonus here is that this is super affordable to make and could totally be done last minute. Ahem.
  4. Year in review scrapbook. I’ve talked quite a few times about how much I enjoying scrapbooking our adventures together and love this for an anniversary gift idea. Put together a scrapbook (or even a photo book you create online) of your first year as a married couple. This is a great way to preserve memories for later on down the road, and you may even find that you’ve just created your own tradition.
  5. A special book. Does your husband have a favorite author or an all-time favorite book? If so, try tracking down a first edition or the newest book by that author. Add a special message on the inside cover to make it unique to your anniversary.
Do you give the traditional gifts on your anniversary? What ideas would you add to my list?

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