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Sealed with a Kiss: A’s Kiss Kit

Happy Friday everyone! I’m popping in to share a really quick (and fun!) post today as I prepare for a big work event this weekend.

Anyone who’s been around me at all for the past 5-ish months knows that I’ve been looking forward to fall with a large amount of anticipation.

Why you ask?

Because A comes home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Is that too many exclamation points? Is there such a thing as too many exclamation points? I vote no. That’s like saying there’s such a thing as being too excited.)

Alright. I’m focusing again. Where was I? Oh yes, A coming home soon. Obviously I’m super excited about that and was trying to find a way to channel that excitement into something fun and different to include in his last care package.

That’s when the Kiss Kit was born.

The Kiss Kit is small enough to fit in his bag for the trip home, but still manages to contain everything he’ll need for his first kiss in 6 months. I included a little note, mouthwash, gum, chapstick, Wisps and a package of emergen-C so all germs stay put.

I have always had a keen interest in promoting good oral health practices after all! Besides, whenever, you go to see your dentist in Glen Rock or wherever your dentist might be, you want them to be impressed with how clean your mouth is and how white your teeth are!

Cute right?! Plus I got to wear a ridiculous amount of lipstick in order to decorate the wrapping paper. This would be so cute for a bride to give to her groom before the wedding too. There is nothing like the gift of fresh breath you see. Or, this could also be a great gift for a business trip or before a big date night!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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