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Nuts For You Care Package

You know how I can tell that A loves me?  Like everlasting, hardcore true love?

He gave up peanut butter for me.

You see, I’m super allergic to nuts, especially peanuts. And I do mean super allergic. You know the scene in Hitch where Will Smith’s character eats shellfish and his face swells up? It’s like that minus Eva Mendes and the fun Benadryl-induced drunkenness.

So A, being the loving man that he is, respects the potential for disaster enough to cut nuts out of his diet completely when he’s home with me.

When he’s deployed though? That’s a different story.  I try and send as many nut-packed snacks as possible in his care packages to make up for his drought when we’re together. With his deployment coming to an end, I took the opportunity to make sure one of his last care packages would help him get all the nut cravings out of his system!

I debated wrapping all of the contents this time because I thought leaving them un-wrapped would drive home the theme a little bit more. But knowing how much A enjoys unwrapping everything meant I couldn’t leave them as is, so out came the brown paper! I opted to leave the top layer of items unwrapped because their packaging was so fun and matched the rest of the box.

To dress things up a little bit, I did add some nut clipart. One of the little cartoon guys is even holding a sign that says “I’m deadly!”

And can we discuss how perfect this card is? I mean seriously, talk about playing into my love for a good theme. I found it at Target months ago, but held onto it for just this care package, proving that great things come to those who wait.

Here are all the contents of his nut-themed care package. Yes, I did wash my hands very vigorously once I was done just in case.  P.S. Apparently those peanut butter coated peanut-popcorn balls are the jam because he keeps requesting more of them.

Check out of all my care packages for A.

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