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Happy Homecoming: The Perfect Sign

Attention ladies and gentlemen: A is coming home soon! This is not a drill! Man your stations!

Well in reality, it’s still a good two to three weeks before he’s actually home, but that doesn’t mean that preparations can’t get underway! And since I tend to do this big, there are a lot of preparations, but first and foremost is the welcome home sign.

No lie, I’ve been brainstorming for this sign since probably about July, but I am still having a hard time picking the perfect phrase so I turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration.  And boy did I find it!

And now I’m thinking there may be a thing as too much inspiration. It’s hard to choose which one of these I like better! I’m leaning towards the “I’d wait for your forever…” option, but have changed my mind about six times since I started this post.

Which one do y’all like the best?!

Check out more of my homecoming sign inspiration!

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