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Happy Halloweenie!

Hey there blog homies, it’s B again! I finally talked my way into getting another shot at being a famous dog blogger. Apparently, I’m not always the most reasonable guest writer to work with…something about sleeping too much, barely getting my post in on time and then hogging the bed. I don’t know. It all sounds like a whole lot of sour grapes if you ask me.

With tomorrow being Halloween (or as I like to call it “attack of the small creatures intent on harming me and my family so I will bark nonstop to frighten them”), I thought I would share my Halloween costume with you all! I’m pretty psyched about this one…you could almost say it’s so hot, it might as well be on fire.

Right?! How awesome is that?! And don’t let my face fool you; I really do love this costume. I’m just working on my moody model face. And pouting because my mom wouldn’t let me eat that funny looking ball.

My mom likes to take advantage of my natural body shape when she picks out my costumes. I appreciate that. There’s nothing worse than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole…or a wiener dog into a cropped shirt. Let me tell you…it’s not pretty.

I’ve gotten a lot better about wearing my Halloween costumes. The first time I got one, I pretended I didn’t know how to walk anymore and would just stand there. And then, my friend T thought it was funny to try and eat my antennae! Not cool!

Last year, I was much happier with mom’s choice. It was all cushiony on the sides…like my own personal wiener dog body pillow. It must have been a really funny costume because everywhere we went, people kept laughing and saying stuff to my mom.

And this year? This year, you can just call me the fireman, because I’m going around town putting out old flames.

That was a joke about a country song. I told my mom it wouldn’t work, but she was insistent. I’m sorry. One of these days, she’ll listen to me and we’ll both be happy. It’s a good thing she knows where the food is hidden.

Until next time, happy Halloween-ie!

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