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Getting My Next Fashion Fix: Stitch Fix Recap #12

Confession time: when I get my Stitch Fix, I try everything on almost immediately and ask A’s opinion. Sounds fine, right?

That’s not the confession.

This is: when A is not here, I still try everything on immediately, only I ask for B’s opinion. In case you’re new here, B is my wiener dog and since I don’t live in a Disney movie, he cannot speak.  But yet there I am, asking him what he thinks of this cute new top and fun skirt.

And y’all? Sometimes I swear he reacts to what I’m wearing. I know. I need to interact more with people.

But if we assume he does react to whatever I’m wearing, I can tell you he would not have had such great reactions to my most recent fix. And to be honest, neither did I.

Item #1: Kut from the Kloth Siena Cropped Pant. I wasn’t sure about these pants when I took them out of the box, but they fit so well and were a lightweight fabric that works for fall that I ended up keeping them. I’ve also worn them multiple times since I bought them and they’re super comfortable (a must for all my clothes).

Item #2: Le Lis Leavy Lace Sleeve Knit Top. Another item that I was kind of neutral on when seeing it for the first time, but I really liked it when I tried it on. Plus it looks awesome with the Kut from the Kloth pants.  It’s a keeper!

Item #3: Marlyn Schiff Jack Wishbone Charm Necklace. This was sweet and pretty, but I’m a one or two necklace rotation kind of girl and am just not in the market for new jewelry.

Item #4: Papermoon Malton Knit Tee. I really liked the feel of this shirt and the pattern was kind of cool, but the fit was off for me. It was super boxy and had little cap sleeves that are not flattering on me. I sent it back, but kind of wish I could have kept it.

Item #5: RD Style Lasi Open Keyhole Back Knit Top. Here’s where B’s eyebrows went so far up his head that they disappeared. Y’all. This is a mock turtleneck top with an open back. I am shuddering just thinking about it. I honestly didn’t even try it on because it was everything I did not want/cannot wear.

I have much higher hopes for my next Fix and am really hoping to get some of the gorgeous fall styles I’ve seen!

Are there any styles (trendy or classic) that you just can’t stand?

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