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Loving Lately September

Can you even handle that it’s already almost the end of September?! I can’t. And judging by my Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/blog feed, neither can anyone else. Does the phrase “pumpkin everything” ring any bells?

Even with the full on fall fanaticism, the online world is still full of really great non-fall stuff and I’ve rounded up quite a few of my favorite links to share with you!

First up, the 6 year old in me is kind of over the moon knowing that Reading Rainbow is now on Netflix. I know this is semi-old news, but as my excitement should tell you, I’m not up on all the hip stuff the cool kids are watching these days.  Leave me, my wiener dog and Levar Burton to take a look, it’s in a book, a Reading Rainbow!

Dachshund-specific dog-shaming. All the lolz.

How legitimately gorgeous is this triple berry vanilla cream pie? It’s like summer on a dish and now that fall is here, I’m already missing summer. I know. Girl problems.

S’mores brownie brittle for the win.

This post about deployment made me laugh, cry, ugly cry and then feel like I’m not all alone in this lifestyle.  

Everything Jessica makes is drool-worthy but this chocolate chip cookie crunch cake? Imma need a bib.

For the times I’m not stuffing my face, I think custom made drawer organizers are my next DIY project.

Another summer throwback: s’mores ice cream bombs…are the bomb diggity. I’m sorry for that joke. I am not sorry for linking these though.

Because I should probably mix in some actual food to my all dessert, all the time mentality, I’m going to try this pasta pomodoro ASAP.

I’m all heart eyes emoji over these really cute ideas on how to keep your marriage fun.

P.S. I’m making this a monthly feature so feel free to send me your favorite links to include next month!

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