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One of the advantages of having so many Fridays off last month was a lot of time to work on projects for the blog! Now of course, I didn’t do nearly as much of that as I should have, but for good reason.

Gossip Girl is on Netflix

Just kidding. Sort of. I did, in fact, binge watch Gossip Girl, but I also did a lot of other things, including a lot of reading!  Please, no comments on which was a better use of my time.   Since I did so much reading this past month, here’s a quick and dirty recap of what I liked and what I wish I’d left on the book shelf.

  • What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty: this one was part of my 15 in 2015 list and I had high hopes based on other people’s reviews, but honestly? It was just ok. The plot was a little slow and I felt like the ending was a bit of cop out.
  • Yes Please by Amy Poehler: now this one was awesome! I laughed out loud multiple times and felt like I could hear Amy’s voice the entire time.  Definitely a great, fun read.
  • The Marriage Game by Alison Weir: I love historical fiction, especially Tudor era historical fiction. But I did not like this book.  It was super long, very tedious and I ended up disliking pretty much all of the people involved.
  • A Fireproof Home for the Bride by Amy Sheibe: I wasn’t sure about this one when I first started it, but about a 1/4 of the way in and I was hooked. It had lots of plot twists that I wouldn’t have predicted and very appealing characters, which is hard to find in most books today.
  • The Jezebel Remedy by Martin Clark: I randomly plucked this one off the new fiction shelf at my library and was pleasantly surprised.  It was a fun fiction read, even if I wasn’t a huge fan of the lead character.

What have you been reading lately?

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