2 In Deployment

We’re Halfway There!

Full confession: I very much wanted to add “livin on a prayer!” to the end of the title, but opted to hold on to my little bit of weirdness (until this point, at least).  

This was supposed to be a post about how far I’d come on all of my deployment goals. But, like quite a few posts the past few weeks, it just didn’t happen.  Not because I haven’t made progress on my deployment goals, but rather because I recently went through my deployment slump.

This happened last year when a combination of stressful days at work, less than optimal sleep, and worrying about/missing/not hearing from my favorite guy all caught up to me at once.  It was nothing a good cry, a wiener dog snuggle and a cookie couldn’t solve, but it left very little energy for anything other than surviving.

I was determined not to have that happen this year. I was pretty convinced that I would be better at handling balancing life, work, worrying and so on because I’d already done it once.  I would somehow find a way to do it all.

Well guess what?

I can’t do it all.  Sometimes certain things have to slide and I am working on accepting that fact.  Some days, the work of keeping it all together during the day make the extra stuff at night (hanging out with friends, blogging, writing new recipes, working on materials for non-profit I volunteer for, finishing that giant pile of books on the coffee table) just downright too hard. Some days, I need mindless TV or browsing Pinterest for hours to be my only activity.

Sure it may seem kind of silly and I usually feel a tiny bit of guilt about it, but I take comfort in knowing that tomorrow is another day. It’s another chance to get all of that stuff done.  And that’s good enough.

So that’s why I’ve been kind of absent lately. I needed a few days of nothing extra. And some wiener dog snuggles, plus a cookie or two.  It’s helped immensely and I think that I am over my slump and ready to tackle the last half of this deployment with as much energy as possible.

Because tomorrow is another day and we’re already halfway there!

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