2 In Deployment

The Little Things

Don’t worry, y’all. I meant what I said in my last post: I am coming back to life blog-wise. There are recipes and care packages and an excessive number of wiener dog photos coming your way starting in August.

My countdown circle officially crossed the halfway mark this past weekend and for some reason it was like a flip switched inside me. This tiny pie chart was telling me that I could do this!

And then on Monday, I got the best piece of encouragement of them all: a Skype call from my husband! Even just seeing his face for a few minutes is enough to make me feel 100% better about everything.  We joke around, we laugh and for a little while it doesn’t feel like he’s half a world away.

That’s one of my larger deployment fears for us: the time apart and the distance that’s between us will cause our relationship to change in a non-positive way. We’ll grow apart in the six months and come back together as strangers.  But our Skype dates (as infrequent as they may be), put all those fears to rest because we’re us again.  Thanks to that one little thing, I feel like I’m ready to take on all the things that felt too big just an hour earlier.

What’s a little thing that makes a big difference in your mood?

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