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Getting My Next Fashion Fix: Stitch Fix Recap #9

Confession: this is the first Friday I’ve worked in a whole month. And it’s not agreeing with me! Luckily I’m rocking a cute new top courtesy of my last Stitch Fix so that makes it a little easier.  I had a lot of good pieces in this month’s box, but made some hard choices to really only keep what I needed.

Item #1: Bancroft Crosby Pyramid Charm Layered Necklace.  I’m likely one of the very few women who loves clothing, but is kind of meh on accessories. When it comes to jewelry, simple is best for me (wedding and engagement rings and one necklace), so I opted not to keep this necklace.

Item #2: Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank.  I waffled on this shirt quite a bit. I loved the fit and thought the style was super cute. But I kept thinking about how impossible it is for me to find a racerback bra, especially under a shirt like this.  So in the end, I sent it back and have regretted it multiple times.

Item #3: 41Hawthorn Jace Dot Print Fit & Flare Dress. Remember that chevron dress from last month? Well this is the same dress, but in a polka dot print. An easy keep, right? Wrong. I liked this dress, but I didn’t love it.  The pattern and colors just weren’t doing it for me.

Item #4: Papermoon Sheydon Trim Detail Blouse.  This was a definite keep for me. It’s super lightweight, making it perfect for the multiple 100+ days we’ve had here lately.  I love this top.

Item #5: Pixley Clarice Multi Stripe Knit Dress.  I almost kept this dress as well, but was concerned about how long I could keep the white clean (if you know me, you know the answer is about 10 minutes) and I already own a very similar dress.  So I sent this bad boy back as well.  I’m hoping I get some new and different pieces in the next Fix!

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