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Fun Summer Date Night Ideas

There will always be a special place in my heart for summer date nights. I’m not sure if it’s the extended daylight or just being outside all the time or maybe because that’s when A and I met, but I think dating is better in the summer!

I love summer dating so much that I’m pretty confident A and I go on most of our date nights between May and August.  Until this year that is. Thanks, deployment. But don’t worry! I’m keeping the date magic alive for YOU with some fun summer date night ideas.


  1. Go to a drive in movie. They aren’t as common anymore, but they are still so much fun! Roll down the windows, recline the seat and enjoy! If there’s not a drive in near you, you could set up a home movie theater in the backyard.
  2. Camp out in your backyard. I’m not what you would consider a “roughing it kind of girl”. Give me my running water and AC please! But all that being said, a backyard camp out could be just the right amount of outdoorsy for me: it’s all the fun of camping, but without the biodegradable toilet paper. Bonus points if there’s an inflatable mattress and some sort of S’mores situation.
  3. Have ice cream sundaes for dinner. Speaking of delicious sweet treats, summertime is the perfect time for ice cream. And what’s more fun than ice cream for dinner? Buy all the fixings you could possibly imagine, put together your dream sundae and then be ready to run around the block a few times to come off your sugar high.  This date isn’t complicated, but it could be a lot of fun.
  4. Go to a baseball game. This is one of my favorite summer dates of all time. A loves baseball and I love baseball food.  If your town has a minor league team or two, you’re in luck because ticket prices are usually very affordable.  Our local team even has a fireworks display on the weekends!
  5. Attend an outdoor concert.  I think this may be the classic summer date night, but it’s that way for a reason! Concerts are just way more fun outside, even if you’re not a huge fan of the band. In the summer, every genre of music imaginable takes place outside so there’s something for everyone.
There you have it: five great ideas to fill your next date night with a little sunshine and summertime.  Which is your favorite and what idea would you add to the list?


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