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Our Weekend: B’s Story

Happy Monday all! I’m handing the blog over to the good ol’ wiener dog today, but will be back later this week! 

Hey there bloggy friends, it’s B-Dawg again. I hope you had a great weekend, because I definitely did. I spent lots of time snuggling with my favorite person. She’s been gone way too much and I was starting to think she had another dog and a whole different family somewhere else.  I mean I know it’s stupid because how could I not be enough for her? I mean seriously, look at me.

Could I be more adorable? I mean maybe if I was wearing a costume or sweater or something…sorry, I’m focusing. Back to the snuggling…we did a lot of it this weekend. In the bed. On the sofa. On the floor as she tried to organize the bathroom cabinets.  On her foot as she was making dinner. Outside after I ate dinner and when I was supposed to be using the bathroom.  It was great!

When we weren’t snuggling, I was protecting the house. I like to sit on the arm of the chair by the window and warn everyone outside that they better not even think about coming near my house. I warn them loudly and with great gusto. And just in case they don’t get the idea the first 100 times, I repeat it often. I know my mom really appreciates that. Sometimes she even joins in and we compete to see who can be louder.  Her bark sounds a lot like “no”, but I think that’s just because she hasn’t figured it out yet.

We also spent a lot of time outside. I like being outside. I can run around like my tail is on fire, sniff every single blade of grass, eat things that I should not eat and oh yeah…bark at every single sound that I hear. And even some that I make up in my head. It’s pretty much heaven.

We had the best weekend! Hope yours was just as good!

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