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The Five Best Things My Mom Taught Me

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Happy Friday! Hopefully you all have fantastic weekends planned and are going to spend lots of time celebrating the moms in your life! I’m thinking a brunch at my house may be in order on Sunday after a little shopping on Saturday.

My mom and I are exceptionally close and have been forever. A day does not go by without me asking her how to cook rice or whether I can wash something in hot water. She is the most supportive, caring mom anyone could ask for and I’m not sure words can do justice to just how important my mom is to me or all of the amazing gifts she’s given me throughout my life.
She’s taught me so much that I couldn’t even begin to list them all.

1. Act like a lady and people will treat you like one. 
This means no spitting, no swearing (“swear words are what people say when they run out of intelligent thoughts” -my mother), no dark bras under light shirts, always wearing a slip and crossing your legs when you sit in a dress. But I think the most important part of this is knowing that you have to respect yourself before anyone else will respect you. That’s an important lesson for a young girl to learn.

2. Be independent. 

Some people may argue that she may have taught me this lesson a little too well, but my mom always modeled the importance of being independent.  Now that I’ve begun my life as a military wife, this lesson is especially important.

3. Being a mom means sacrificing for the people you love, even if they are little, grungy and very rarely say thank you. 
I can’t think of a better person to teach me how to be a mom. She was the epitome of supermom during my childhood, oftentimes working at night so she could be home during the day. She volunteered at all the school events, helped with homework, made snacks, kissed wounds, nursed colds and kept a house functioning.  All of this while she was sick or tired with no complaints and not nearly as much gratitude as she deserved.

4. You never outgrow the need for a good mom hug.  Or get too big to sit in her lap.  
Mom hugs are the best.  They cure everything.  I believed this wholeheartedly at 6.  I found comfort in this at 16 and I feel this way at 26. I don’t see anything changing in the near future.

5. It’s ok to be me. 

If I had to pick a lesson I am most grateful for, it’s this one.  By always embracing (and oftentimes celebrating) my quirks and all that makes me unique, my mom taught me to do the same. As I’ve grown into the person I am today, I am forever grateful for her giving me that solid base to stand on.

Thank you, Mama!

What’s the best thing your mom taught you?


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